About us.

Tshuma Stingers Rugby Club was established in 2013. The club started operations in the Midrand community with both boys and girls participating in the rugby development programme.

We have a vision  to promote rugby at grass root and youth level, as well as develop the best rugby players in Africa. We aim to produce happy, imaginative, expressive, skilful and technical players who have all the attributes of a winner. Most young stars want to participate in the game while at the same time they want accessibility and availability. We are bridging this gap with a platform that influences people who are passionate about rugby to participate in its development and receive the credit they deserve for doing so.

We believe that the road to success is always under construction and our dedicated team will see to it that our communitites play great rugby. We rndeavour to provide and enhance pathways and opportunities for all rugby lovers. We want to see young people become active in local, national, and international rugby. Tshuma Stingers Rugby Club helps players to become physically active and learn important lifeskills about team work, leadership, discinpline, sportsmanship and skills development.